Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Grandson of HAMAS founder wins stay in the US by playing the gay card.

via Vice News.
A young man groomed since birth to lead Hamas has won the ability to stay in the US, following years of living under the threat of deportation to the West Bank from Canada.
John Calvin believes he'd be killed if he were sent back to Palestine because he's come out as gay, converted to Christianity, and renounced the militant organization that his grandfather co-founded.
Rejected by the Canadian immigration system, he crossed into the US eight months ago, and was immediately placed on an immigration hold until his release, in March. Last month, the 25-year-old learned he'd be able to stay in the US indefinitely, thanks to a deferral of removal granted to him by a Massachusetts immigration court under the Convention Against Torture.
Do you realize the kind of security threat you have to be to get the Canadians to deport you?

This is just my sense of things....and I could easily be wrong, but this looks like a blatant example of an illegal immigrant using our laws against us.

No society can survive by being stupid.

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