Wednesday, June 01, 2016

I have never seen a Gator this big before.

When I saw gifs of this video over on Gizmodo I thought I was being trolled. I've never seen a Gator this big before.  I've heard stories from guys drinking too much about them growing this size and even bigger in the deepest part of the woods or swamps but I thought they were full of shit.

Maybe I should have payed closer attention.

Oh and make no mistake about it.  These guys were filming and taking pics only because they caught it out in the open.

If they were in some deep, dark, swampy woods and saw this monster coming at them, then they'd be in the market for some Depends Adult Diapers.  The real problem is this though.  If you see one get to this size and he's found in the open then waaaay in the back 40 you'll find even bigger ones.

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