Saturday, June 25, 2016

How did guys develop shoe fetishes?

Colorway: Red/Red
Release Date: 02/09/14
Original Price: $250
Average Resell Value: $5,523

Craziness!  I was watching a bodybuilder's vid today and he was talking about Louis Vuitton sneakers.  I personally don't understand it but all these pro or near pro bodybuilders are into LV sneakers.

The fascination that guys have on shoes is weird to me and the thought that a video would be devoted to shoes on a bodybuilding channel irked me, but what had me spinning is that he talked about "Yeezy" sneakers and how despite the LV sneakers having a 1K price tag they were of better quality.

A quick search showed that it was a Kanye West shoe and again I thought.  No big deal.  I don't have an UNRATIONAL hatred of the guy that many do.  But I wanted to see the shoe and saw that Addidas and Nike were sold out.

Intrigued now I went to a website to see what the aftermarket was for these shoes and ran across the pic you see above.  A $250 dollar shoe has ballooned in price to over 5K?

Its not a Kanye West problem, its a soceital problem.  Only a fool would pay that much for Yeezy's OR LV's!  A whole bunch of people across the board really need to re-prioritize!  The bigger question is this.  How did guys develop shoe fetishes?

More "sneaker prices" on the aftermarket here.

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