Saturday, June 25, 2016

SU30MKI + Brahmos Missile equals a long range fighter with a high speed anti-ship missile therefore the most formidable anti-ship package in the world?

Thanks to Sarabvir Singh for the link!

The first carriage flight of Su-30 MKI aircraft with BrahMos missile was successfully achieved on Saturday, in Nashua.
HAL chairman T Suvarna Raju said in a statement issued in Bengaluru that this was the "perfect example of Make in India and an engineering marvel in aviation history of India. It proves that when all agencies come together with one mission, there is nothing like impossible."
He pointed out that this unique programme was taken up by HAL as an indigenous challenge at its Nashik Division and the required data was generated without the assistance of OEM for the modification.
As rough as I believe things will be in the next conventional ground war, the naval battles will be a sight to behold.

You're going to see a high tech dogfight that will be unheard of in human history.  Its a real shame that the US Navy took its eyes off the prize for so long during the war on terror.

Their ability to keep sea lanes open has been severely degraded and the idea of SU-30 being able to carry Mach 2.8 Brahmos missiles at distance to launch against a widely distributed fleet or even US warships that are operating independent from the fleet means that we will take some huge hits.

A flight of SU-30MKI's with Brahmos missiles could be the most formidable anti-ship package operating today.

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