Thursday, June 16, 2016

Political Talk. Don't believe those falling Trump numbers.

Watching Morning Joe and the talking heads are all crowing about Donald Trumps falling poll numbers.

They need to be careful. His supporters are disappointed because he's talking about himself and not the issues but that support is not running away.


What have we seen at Trump rallies.  The script has flipped.  While I was outraged at Trump supporters assaulting protesters, I also predicted that it would turn and it has.  Trump supporters have been getting their asses beat at rallies.  While I'm SOMEWHAT happy that the rallies aren't going on, it does point to something else.  Would you attend a rally if you knew that you would be engaged in combat when you left the arena?

If you have a bit of common sense then no you wouldn't.

Additionally the media is in full fledged assault mode on Trump.  Every major news outlet is slamming the guy.  You even have establishment Republicans piling on.  Most people today are weak, castrated sheep.  They don't have the courage of convictions to say exactly what's on their mind.  They'll say whatever it takes to make another human happy.  That includes pollsters.  What they'll do when they get behind the closed curtains of a polling booth is anyone's guess but Hillary is hated (God knows I despise the bitch) and most of Trump's supporters (except for the Republican in name only crowd that don't want to miss Northeast corridor parties) will not vote for that female.

It might look bleak now, but Trump is still in good shape.  He just needs to get back on message and stop being an arrogant idiot.

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