Thursday, June 16, 2016

Let's trace the development of the Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

We've been having a discussion about the ST Kinetics Terrex line of vehicles.  I decided it might be a good time to trace the development path.

Above you see the original Terrex.  It was a good vehicle but nothing earth shattering.  It was ST Kinetics first entry into the wheeled infantry fighting vehicle category and was hailed as a success.  Deficiencies were noted and the Singapore Army was in the midst of rapid modernization.  An upgraded vehicle was needed.

The Singapore Army got their new vehicle in the form of the Terrex 2.  A modified version of this vehicle was originally offered in the competition for the ACV contract.  When it became apparent that the swim portion of the test was becoming more important they decided that a new vehicle shape was needed to provide more buoyancy.  Enter the Terrex 2 Advanced (I called it that in a blog post in Sept 2015....the name didn't gain favor with STK).   Below you see the reskinned Terrex 2 that is being offered in the Marine Corps ACV contest.

Which brings us to the unveiling today of the Terrex 3 for the Australian Land 400 contest.

This I find curious.  Its obviously based on the work done for the USMC ACV but does away with the swim capability and adds a turret.

The migration from the original Terrex to the Terrex 2 to the Terrex 2 plus or advanced and onto the Terrex 3 or Sentinel II (as the Australians call it) show how rapid armored vehicle developments are now.

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