Wednesday, June 01, 2016

TAM Medium Tank gets massive upgrade via IHS Janes.

via IHS Janes.
The Argentine Army has unveiled a prototype for its TAM medium tank modernisation programme, for which it is working with Israel Military Industries (IMI), Elbit, and Tadiran.
An initial prototype, TAM 2C, was unveiled in March 2013. In 2015, after a proposal by IMI and Elbit, a second prototype called TAM 2IP was developed that added armour to increase the tank's protection (and giving it an appearance similar to that of a small Merkava tank).
The new armour, based on IMI's Iron Wall design, could be added to any TAM tanks, modernised or not, without any modification and includes extra protection for the turret on all sides, as well as the sides and front of the chassis.
I wonder at what point does it become cost prohibitive to upgrade old tanks and instead buy "new" old tanks?

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