Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Philippines set to move away from US...the "partnership" scheme to contain China is already falling apart.

via Newsweek
Philippines President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday his country would not rely on long-term security ally the United States, signaling greater independence from Washington in dealing with China and the disputed South China Sea.
The Philippines has traditionally been one of Washington's staunchest supporters in its stand-off with Beijing over the South China Sea, a vital trade route where China has built artificial islands, airstrips and other military facilities.
Duterte, the tough-talking mayor of Davao City who swept to victory in a May 9 election, has backed multilateral talks to settle rows over the South China Sea that would include the United States, Japan and Australia as well as claimant nations.
Partnerships.  I told you that they were a fool's errand and this is just the latest example.  Don't think that the Philippines are alone in this.  Singapore, Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other Pacific nations don't view (well maybe Japan but not all of their people) China in the same light that we do.

This scheme is falling apart already, but is anyone actually surprised.

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