Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terrex 3 vid.

Thanks to Zupid for the link!

ST Engineering unveils Terrex 3 from Shephard Media on Vimeo.

From watching the vid it appears that the vehicle being offered for the Land 400 project is better armored, has adjustable ride height, is fully networked (Singapore is big on networked forces so this is probably state of the art stuff), and of course has a turret.

It also seems like a much cleaner design than that offered for the USMC's ACV contest.

I think the vehicle is evolving right before our eyes and while the BAE/Iveco SuperAV's design appears to be static, I'm betting that we have yet to see the final design they'll be offering the USMC.

I guess this is to be expected.  The timeline on the ACV is so freaking loose that tech continues to march on while they drag out the buy.

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