Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The next revolution in ground combat? Robotic Combat Vehicles.

via Shepard Media's Eurosatory Page.
Milrem will showcase their THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) at Eurosatory 2016, with one live demonstration featuring an equipped ST Kinetics remote weapon system and a static C-IED solution.
The C-IED solution will be equipped with a new generation of sensors for EOD detection, although the company declined to reveal the cooperation partner.
Kuldar Väärsi, CEO Milrem, told Shephard that the company is ready to begin taking orders for the basic remote controlled UGV platform, with production able to begin at the start of 2017.
‘In addition to the basic unit we are capable to integrate (in cooperation with our partners) to the vehicle three different modules: C-IED, 3D mapping and sensors, transportation.

‘C-IED has definitely strong potential on the military market. 3D mapping is more targeted to commercial market, but has good potential as border guarding solution.’
The THeMIS platform recently completed a series of trials with the Estonian Defence Forces during a simulated battlefield exercise.
Soldiers tested the Milrem vehicle for three days, using it mainly for transporting equipment and materials; something that is typically done manually or with larger vehicles.
In a released statement Väärsi said: ‘Previously developed unmanned vehicles only performed specific tasks. However THeMIS, can be customized to carry out different operations, leveraging its unique modular design and robust components.’
Make sure you check out Shepard Media's Eurosatory Page.  They're doing good work of prepping to cover the show and I'm looking but can't find anyone else that is setting up to give us the news.

But back on task.  Robotic Combat Vehicles could be the next revolution in ground combat and I'm worried that we gave up our lead in the field.  We're concentrating on robots for logistics, IED detection etc...Others are viewing them as combat multipliers.  I can see them ranging far ahead of the infantry in restricted terrain, locating the enemy and fixing them in place while the Infantry Squad or Company maneuvers to defeat them.

We went large in our past concepts for Robotic Combat Vehicles.  Our competitors are going small.  I think we might have messed this one up.

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