Tuesday, June 07, 2016

What's going on in Europe? Did you hear about Exercise Platinum Lion?

via Marine Forces Europe/Africa Facebook Page.
Forces from four NATO countries, along with U.S. Marines and sailors from Black Sea Rotational Force, recently participated in Platinum Lion. The exercise included hundreds of troops from five countries with tanks, aircraft and artillery.
What the hell is going on in Europe?

I've been eyes on Exercise Anakonda-16 and totally missed the Platinum Lion op.  So we're seeing the US military DRAMATICALLY increasing its presence and training in Europe now?


Obviously I/We have missed a pretty intense shift in the thinking of not only the Pentagon, but also the military forces of our allies on that continent.  What has prompted this?  Could this be the response to the aggressive intercepts of our aircraft/ships by the Russians?  Is it preparation for terrorists acts (this is doubtful...but the Europeans will use there military forces for domestic emergencies much quicker than we will) expected this summer?  I have no idea.

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