Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Paramount Group. Another of those undercover giants in the armored vehicle field.

Thanks to Bayou Renaissance Man Blog for the link!

Check out how big that turret ring is...they could mount a 155mm cannon in a space that large...well almost!  The only thing keeping this vehicle from being perfect is that it doesn't swim.

I first took notice of S. African armor when I got wind of the Rooikat.  My early dive into checking out what they were doing led me to the G6 (one of the first, if not first wheeled artillery vehicles) and of course the various MRAP type vehicles that they pioneered.

Rooikat Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehcle w/76mm Gun
Everyone always (including myself) looks to MOWAG as being the early
leaders in the wheeled fighting vehicle segment, but the S. Africans can also lay claim to that title.

Which leads me to the Paramount Group.  Their latest offering is beyond interesting.  It might take its place among the best wheeled IFVs on the market today. The Mombe 8x8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle was recently displayed with the Russian AU-220M 57mm turret.  In essence they have a light vehicle, anti-air system in one with the added advantage of not having to waste missiles on those threats.

Paramount Group is one of those undercover giants in the armored vehicle field that we definitely need to keep eyes on.  S. Africa went thru a bad time but they seem to be getting their mojo back in a big way.  Good for them.

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