Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lockheed Martin shows exactly how desperate and corrupt they really are!

Thanks to Bryan for the link!

via Defense News.
As Canada considers a purchase of Super Hornet fighter jets from Boeing, Lockheed Martin is threatening to cut Canadian companies out of work on the F-35.
But defense analysts and industry sources say such punitive measures could take years to follow through with and might ultimately backfire against the U.S. defense giant.
Lockheed Martin went on a public-relations push last week and on the weekend, telling Canadian media outlets a decision not to buy the F-35 would put in jeopardy hundreds of millions of dollars of contracts that could be awarded to Canadian firms for work on the aircraft.
The ruling Liberal Party government is looking at the acquisition of 20 to 30 Super Hornets as an interim measure to deal with what it says is a gap in Canada’s fighter aircraft capability. Canada currently operates the F-18 but those aircraft are aging.
Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power last fall, pledging not to purchase the F-35, an aircraft he says is unnecessary for Canada’s needs, and too expensive. As debate continued in Parliament about the potential Super Hornet purchase, Trudeau claimed June 7 the F-35 “does not work and is far from working.”
This is arrogance, corruption and desperation on a scale I've never seen in my lifetime from a defense contractor.

They are attempting to threaten a nation state!  A partner that has paid for the development of the airplane!

Even worse?  They're not pushing the meme that the plane is the best money can buy.  No.  They're instead pushing the meme that this "jobs program" will cause hundred of people to be laid off.

Simply fucking amazing.

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