Friday, June 17, 2016

The USMC. From extraordinary a pathetic, slow, inaccurate mess.

Thanks to Ronald for the link!

via Navy Matters Blog.
“We tell them that, yes, the majority of the tasks they performed at a lower level; however, their performance was not unsatisfactory,” Coleman said. “Their performance and the attacks that they executed were not failures. They just were potentially slower, maybe it was less accurate – whatever the metric that was being used for that particular task.” (1)
Story here. 

Another case where feminist, a dick sucking SecNav, a pussified Marine Corps leadership and a brain dead Obama administration will ensure more body bags than necessary in future conflicts.

Fuck it though.

I'm done playing white knight for these females.  I only have one recommendation for these "ladies".  They better carry lube into combat with them. Besides death, for women there are other things that are inevitable if they're captured.

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