Friday, June 17, 2016

UK interested in the JLTV even though they have the excellent FoxHound?

via DefenseNews.
The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle could be in line to win its first export order even before the US Department of Defense makes a decision to order full rate production of the platform.
The UK’s Ministry of Defence has revealed it is in talks with the Pentagon, which might lead to a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) deal. The British Army is interested in acquiring the Oshkosh Defense vehicle, set to replace the Army and Marine Corps Humvees, to meet part of a requirement known as the Multi-Role Vehicle-Protected (MRV-P).
“We can confirm that we are talking to the US DOD regarding package 1 [of MRV-P], to inform our understanding of an FMS option for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle,” said an MoD spokesman.
The UK mystifies me.  I've always thought that we should have bought the FoxHound off the shelf instead of going with the JLTV.  It checks all the boxes and is a mobile monster of a rig.

But instead of promoting this unique and extremely capable vehicle, the Brits instead are latching onto the fat, heavy JLTV?

I just don't understand the thinking.

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