Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The USMC gets a second useless F-35 squadron this week.

via DoD Buzz
A Yuma, Arizona-based Marine AV-8B Harrier squadron will officially be redesignated Thursday as it welcomes brand-new F-35B Joint Strike Fighters.
Marine Attack Squadron 211 will be the second operational F-35B squadron for the Marine Corps, coming online 11 months after the service announced initial operating capability for the aircraft last July. It joins Yuma-based Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 in operating the fifth generation aircraft.
The Thursday ceremony will re-designate VMA-211 as Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 211. According to a news release from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, the squadron received its first two F-35B aircraft on May 9 — three days after it completed its final flights with the Harrier. Officials did not immediately respond to a request about when the remaining joint strike fighters made by Lockheed Martin Corp. would join the squadron.
Simply amazing.

When Amos retired the entire United States Marine Corps let out a collective sigh of relief.  We survived one of those leaders that no one should be faced with.  A leader that confuses his interests with the interests of the organization.

Then came Dunford.

I had my reservations but the conventional wisdom was that he was good to go.  Solid.  A Christian.  A Marine's Marine.  Ok.  Maybe this might workout.  He was in the chair just long enough to authorize the fraudulent IOC of the F-35 (he didn't even unpack his "I love me" box to hang his awards on the wall) and then punched out to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Now we have Neller.  Don't know the guy, don't want to know him.  The Army stood strong and didn't do politically correct "gender norming" of MOS' and our leader got on both knees and pleasured the despicable SecNav Mabus....from all appearances he didn't even put up a fight.

So am I surprised that they're pushing forward with another squadron of airplanes that can't even deploy much less be used in combat?

Not at all.

Its par for the course with the type of leadership we've had.  The money wasted (both now and into the future for upgrading these planes to current Harrier level) will make your eyes water.  

We are sowing the seeds of our future defeat with this airplane.

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