Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Transgender Troops to be allowed to serve openly. Disruption for .002% of the service population.

via Free Beacon.
“It is important that we carefully consider the myriad of medical, privacy and service-unique issues so as to develop a policy that both ensures that service members who meet applicable standards are free to serve openly and addresses the readiness needs of our armed forces,” Pahon said.
The new guidelines would have minimal impact on the service as a whole. Fewer than 2,500 of the military’s 1.2 million active duty troops are transgender and only 65 would seek annual treatment, according to a Rand Corp. report.
Brad Carson, the Pentagon’s former undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness who advocated to lift the ban, praised the report that changes would soon be announced.
“I am very proud to see an imminent announcement culminating in this change,” Carson told USA Today. “The real accolades for this historic moment go to those brave transgender service members who raised their hands and demanded that their service and identity be recognized.”
This is insanity in a handbag.  For .002% of the servicemen in the US armed forces we're going to suddenly be jumping thru hoops?

How is this gonna work without causing all kinds of additional problems?  If people that are transgender are allowed to serve in the military then what is the boundary for not allowing service?  Our society is moving to a point where obesity is seen as a viable option.  Do we allow fat people to join the military?  What about the other standards that we've established?

The US military has just slid a bit further down a slippery slope.  Instead of standing apart from a society that is obscene, divisive, open to any nonsense and ill prepared for anything that is mildly uncomfortable our leadership is seeking to mirror it.

If you can't win an issue like this is there anyway you can beat ISIS?

NOTE:  My reader named Albino reminded me of another issue.  If the Pentagon starts giving free reassignment surgery then you're gonna see a FLOOD of transgenders going into the military.  A small military population is going to explode into an enormous problem.

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