Wednesday, June 22, 2016

“Turais™” Wing and Bomb Bay Launched UAV

via Piaseki Aircraft Corp.
Motivated by the downing of the EP-3E Aries II by China in 2001, the “Turais™” Wing and Bomb Bay Launched Unmanned Air Vehicle (WBBL-UAV) is a reconnaissance system deployable in flight from the P-3 and other manned aircraft in order to increase coverage area, effective time on station, and stand off range from threat environments. Turais™ is turbojet-powered with a scissor wing and parachute recovery system, providing 200 pounds of payload capacity, a maximum speed of 200 knots and over 6 hours endurance. Under a Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Phase II SBIR contract issued in January 2007, PiAC initiated design of the full-scale Turais™ air vehicle. A modification was issued in May 2008 for the Option Phase of this contract, under which PiAC will complete the Turais™ proof of concept design and fabrication efforts, leading to a free flight demonstration in 2009.
Label this another capability that we left on the shelf.  Seems like we could really use something like it now.  I wonder why they haven't pulled the trigger?

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