Saturday, June 25, 2016

Women's MMA is getting interesting...This juice monster named Cris Cyborg is talking shit.

Above you see a pic of Cris Cyborg.  I'm no medical doctor but I do have experience with weights.  Google her.  Look at her pics.  This chic is so fucking conditioned that she has a split bicep!  Look at her neck!  At her face!

She is SOOOOOO juicing!

But back on task.  Check this out from the Washington Post.
UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate thinks that “it would be really cool to fight” Cris “Cyborg” Justino. The latter agrees — and would love to square off at UFC 205, the company’s first event to be held at Madison Square Garden.
Tate made her comments at a recent media lunch. “I think it would be really cool to fight Cyborg, honestly,” she said (via MMA Fighting). “I’d like to really see what it’s like to be in there with someone with her power.”
“I’ll be the first to admit, physically I think I would be at a disadvantage, but I think that I can be the one to prove that I have the heart, the durability, the determination and the will power — and technique — to overcome that kind of challenge,” Tate added. “And that intrigues me. That would be very rewarding to me.”
Meisha Tate is the chic in the photo above.  Quite honestly she has the type of physique that would win in Women's Physique but against Cyborg?

She's gonna get CRUSHED!

The intriguing thing is that Holly Hom is an afterthought now.  Holly caught Rousey, Tate caught Holly and now Cyborg is gonna destroy them all.

The curious thing is that the UFC is all over Male fighters for steroid use but they're letting Cyborg go (Holly has a bunch of pics around the net saying that she's using too).

Women's MMA will never be as huge as the Men's game but it is becoming quite least for now.

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