Wednesday, July 27, 2016

About that DNC hack. How did it go from stealing "opposition research" to influencing the election?

Have you been keeping up with the spin coming from the Democrats on the hack of their servers?  If not then let me get you up to speed.  The Dems are saying that the Russians gave WikiLeaks documents so that it would influence the election in favor of Trump.

I find that interesting.

Do you remember the story when this first was announced?  The DNC stated that they stole opposition research on Trump.  I wrote about my theories of the hack...

But back to the opposition research meme that the DNC first pushed before switching to the idea that this was designed to influence our election.  What was that?  You don't remember those stories?  Check out these links...

 Everyone is pointing at the Russians.  What if it isn't?  Who would be interested in killing the Clinton coronation?

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