Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Marine General Allen endorses Hillary...a bad move for the Corps but not for the reason you think.

via Marine Corps Times
Cancian, a retired Marine colonel who served with Allen in Iraq, has some concerns about the endorsement, though. While he has tremendous respect for Allen, Cancian said he worries that having retired general officers involved in political causes may prompt the White House to exclude top military leaders from the decision-making process, he said.
“In the White House, everything is political,” Cancian said. “If they worry that deliberations might be leaked or people might go to work for the political opposition, then they just won’t invite those people and they’ll stick with the political appointees that they’re comfortable with.”
In some countries, general and flag officers are promoted based on their political leanings, he said.
One expert on civil-military relations fears that by endorsing Clinton, Allen could give the appearance that he is speaking for current senior military leaders.
“A man of his prominence and his rank can be interpreted to speak for the whole military community, retired and active duty,” said Richard Kohn, who teaches military history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Kohn said he does not believe any retired military officer should ever endorse political candidates.
“They are in effect declaring themselves partisans and leaving the non-partisanship of the military profession and that’s a different thing,” he said.

Allen is the latest retired general officer to endorse a candidate this election cycle. Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn spoke in favor of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
First!  Make sure you read the entire article, just not the little blurb that I copied here.  Next, I know what you're thinking.  SNAFU! you had no problem with Flynn speaking at the RNC and you're absolutely right.  He's Army.  They can discuss the ramifications of his actions on an Army blog.

I'm worried about what Allen's move does to the Marine Corps.

There are tons of Democrats in the Marine Corps.  There are publications that claim to speak for the Marine Corps or to serve as "incubators of thought" on Marine Corps issues that have a left wing tilt to them (USNI Blog)....long story short, the Marine Corps is infested with Democrats!

I consider that an annoyance but not a problem (not yet but we're getting close)...the problem for the Marine Corps is that its once again risking its reputation.

Half the country hates Hillary.

If Allen's move is believed to indicate how the "new" Marine Corps thinks then the recruiting crisis will turn into an emergency.  Even worse you could see that "special relationship" that the Marine Corps has with the American people sour.

There is an issue for the General Officer club too.  Hillary is viewed as an interventionist/Neo-Con.  The American public has tired of the war, no one believes that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been fought effectively and many suspect that senior military leadership is embarked on a strategy to ensure generational conflict with victory nowhere to be seen.

This move by a retired Marine Corps General during a time when the country is more divided than ever could not come at a worse time.  In essence Allen and by extension the Marine Corps is taking sides.  Even if Allen wins, the Marine Corps could lose big.

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