Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Catholic Priest attacked in his church by terrorists? UPDATED! THE ANIMALS BEHEADED A PRIEST!

Robert sent me a note saying that news from France is that a Catholic Priest was attacked in his church by a man suspected of being an Islamic terrorists.

I've talked about how christian churches have failed the people by pressing for increased immigration (all faiths here in the US, most notably the catholic church in Europe) and if it is as suspected you can consider this another nail in the coffin of modern Christianity in people's lives.

But back on task.  This.  This is the kind of outrage that will set people off.

Europe going up in flames is proceeding on schedule.

UPDATE.  Thanks to Dimas for the link!  One thing.  News reports are saying that the Priest had his throat cut.  Question.  When have you ever seen terrorist cut a throat and not remove the head?  Answer?  They don't.  If they go to knives then you're gonna be beheaded and this Priest was.  They might not go public with the details but bet your last dollar that this was a gruesome scene.  One other thing.  As much as I don't like it, these Security Forces are going to have to start taking prisoners so that they can develop intel.  Guantanamo in Europe isn't a bad idea along with enhanced interrogation.

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