Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Doctor shot by gunman in Germany

Thanks to Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo for the link!

via Metro.uk
A doctor is critically ill after being shot by a patient at a hospital in Berlin this afternoon.
German media reported that the doctor had been shot dead, but police in Germany said that he was actually critically ill after the shooting at the University Hospital in Steglitz, Berlin.
Anti-terrorist police have been seen at the Benjamin Franlkin Campus.
Police said they were called to the building at 11am today. They confirmed that the gunman was a patient and that he had shot himself.
A spokeswoman for the Benjamin Franklin campus of the Charite university hospital had no immediate comment.
The incident follows four other attacks in Germany since July 18 that left 10 people dead and dozens injured.
IF, and it is a big IF, this is connected to terrorism then the idea that these lone actors are uncoordinated has to go out the window.

I've called it the ISIS Offensive in Europe, but that little click bait title might be hitting closer to the mark than I thought.  The attacks are becoming more horrific by the day.  Running down families in Nice?  Attacking a Priest in his church?  A suicide bombing?  Someone is definitely calling the shots.

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