Wednesday, July 20, 2016

China's CT3 command and reconnaissance vehicle via IHS Janes.

Story here.

Watch the Red Dragon tribe members!  The vehicles are immaterial.  Its the widgets that are being developed for them that matter!  A most mounted surveillance system?  High resolution cameras, KU Band Radar and a laser range finder?

We're seeing test beds (in service test beds) for future armored vehicles.  It all comes back to size and weight constraints to see how far down they push some of these systems but even a Platoon assigned to a Chinese version of our Marine Expeditionary Units, along with them having comparable air assets will see the advantage that they possess expand....especially if we continue down the road of Company Landing Teams.  I still contend that CLTs are designed to fight a battle that no longer exists.  If we still faced insurgent groups circa 2012 then they would be viable.  We don't.  Today's insurgents operate in a quasi combined arms team manner and CLTs just won't stand up.

Watch the Red Dragon and take notes.  They're going mech heavy and they're looking to overwhelm our forces with fire, shock and maneuver.

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