Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Equipping police to deal with trained shooters.

I've come full circle when it comes to what many call police militarization.  My mistake?  I didn't take into account how widely once close held information has spread.  There was a time when you had to join the Marine Corps or the Army to get the basics on proper fire and maneuver...decent weapons handling skills and even learning how to engage fleeting targets effectively.

Those days are long past.

So what do we do?  Since I don't want my Second Amendment Rights restricted (any more than they have been), we owe it to Police to properly equip them if for no other reason than officer survival.

So what do I recommend?  How about we take it by the numbers!

1.  Overhead Racks for Tactical Weapons.

How can a no body civilian that's a gun guy have better gear than professional law enforcement?  Everyone and there mommies (really, some mothers actually have these in their jeeps) has an overhead rack for their tactical weapons...AR-15's for the everyday bubba out there.  The idea that with the types of assaults on officers that we're seeing that they're gonna be able to grab their keys, go to their trunks and drag their weapon out in time to employ it effectively is craziness!  People I know have overhead racks just in case they run across a wild critter in the back 40.  The police should have the same.

2.  Every officer has an AR-15.

I jumped the gun with my list.  Before we get them racks for their weapons they need to have one!  Check out the pic above.  What do you see that's all jacked up?  Yeah.  The majority of the officers don't have rifles.  Quite honestly the best that they could hope for is that the two guys that do have weapons would be able to suppress the shooter and if they were being aggressive then MAYBE the pistol wielders could maneuver for a kill shot.  Considering the fact that I don't see any Active Shooter Bags being worn, Chest Rigs, etc...that means that the 30 rounds that the riflemen are carrying is all they've got.

3.  Active Shooter Bags.

This list is getting all jumbled but I'm pulling it out of my ass so forgive me.  Speaking of a lack of ammo in my number 2 post.  Each officer needs to have an Active Shooter Bag.  Besides spare mags (I would recommend 6 for every patrol officer) it would also carry a first aid kit (dump the tourniquet...we're not dealing with IEDs...yet...and get a CELOX A Applicator for every guy) and spare flex cuffs (from my study of civilian and police shootings you always have someone act irrationally and want to stop the will need to restrain them once you put down the threat).

4.  Decent Optics.

I saw too many pics of the incidents in Baton Rouge and Dallas where police that did have rifles were using iron sights.  That is so last two decades.  Every civilian shooter that's beyond rookie status uses optics.  To bring our LEOs into the modern age, they need to have them too.


I've gone from being a critic of police "militarization" to believing that its basic survival now.  Too many unhinged people have knowledge that was once had by a few.  The first step is to make sure local law enforcement is properly equipped.  Am I worried about gun seizures?  Nope.  That wet fantasy is beyond the ability of the US military to even carry out.  I've never dabbled in the black market when it comes to firearms but I've been told that if you know the right people in Houston or Dallas you can get almost anything short of an anti-tank missile (assuming you have the cash) so no, gun confiscation is not a worry.

What is a worry is the idea of another one of these maniac shooters getting a buddy and they form a mini-fire team that goes after law enforcement.  What is a worry is that these clowns actually get serious about doing the deed and plan/practice getting it done.  This is before we even start talking about ISIS.

Law enforcement militarization isn't a thing anymore.  Its about survival now.  

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