Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Iranian power lifter volunteers for combat in Syria.

Like Luimarco says the game is bodybuilding.  The duration is on a "daily!"  The problem?  This Iranian body builder got popular on the internet and now he's supposedly heading to to Syria to participate in the fighting there!

Two things will happen.  The first is that if he's anywhere near the front he'll lose weight and come back looking like a starving Somalian just from stress alone.  His cortisol production will skyrocket and weight will come off in sheets.  The second is ...if he lives that long. I give him 2.5 seconds anywhere near the front.  I wonder if anyone is telling this guy the news?  He'll be an instant target and I wouldn't be surprised if they made an effort to capture, parade, torture and then behead him.

I've concentrated on social media in the West and how we perceive the war.  I never took into account how things are viewed in the Middle East...especially Iran.  Is this being painted as a patriotic fight?  Are they calling this a religious war between sects?  If so then we're not looking at this the right way.  If its patriotic/religious then there is no putting out the fire.  You just have to let it burn.

This guy is another reason to sit out this stupidity in Iraq and Syria.  You can't take sides in religious wars.  Just take advantage of the outcome and wait for the next flare up.

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