Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Singapore Army highlights its new vehicles

The PCSV can carry a payload of up to 4,000kg and be configured for different combat support and combat service support functions. The vehicle is also equipped with a 7.62mm Remote Machine Gun that allows soldier to operate the weapon from within the cabin and minimise exposure to enemy fires.

The next generation AFV (right) will replace the ageing ULTRA M113 AFV (left) which has been in service since the early 70s. Developed together with DSTA and our local defence industry, the new AFV will provide our armoured forces with enhanced firepower, protection, mobility and networked warfighting capabilities.

The next generation AFV has a closed-hatch design and operates with a 3-man crew, capable of carrying up to 8 troops. It will be commissioned by 2019.

The AFV will operate alongside the Bionix Infantry Fighting vehicle to fulfil the SAF’s operational requirements. It is equipped with a digitised fire control system with stabilised firing-on-the-move capabilities, and is also networked to the Army Battlefield Internet for better coordination

I don't quite understand the role that the PCSV (the 4x4 above) will play in the Singapore Army but they appear to be as fired up about the truck as they are about the Bionix replacement.

It'll never happen but I would sure like to get an up close look at their battlefield internet.  They're pushing battlefield connectivity harder than any other force on the planet.  What advantages are they seeing that I'm missing?

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