Sunday, July 03, 2016

ISIS is on a terror offensive....can security forces blunt the assault?

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via The Telegraph.
Saudi news sites are reporting that a suicide bomber has carried out an attack near a US diplomatic site in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.
Okaz news website says the bomber died in the attack, and that no other deaths were immediately reported. The bomber was apparently headed in a car toward a mosque that is near the American consulate in Jeddah. Most of the consulate's staff have reportedly moved offices to a new location.
Add up all the news I've gotten from readers and its obvious that something MAJOR is brewing.  From the news from a few tribe members in Europe talking about weapons caches being found, to the terror attacks that have happened over the past week and half.

ISIS is on a terror offensive.

What I wonder about is how much is this "inspired" and how much of this is directed?  If we're looking at a combination then that's bad enough.  If this is all inspired then we're looking at a worse case scenario.

We might be looking at modern terrorism morph into something new and I'm not sure politicians, the public or our security forces/police are prepared to deal with it.

The truth will drive civil libertarians mad but we've got to call this what it is.  Islamic radicalism. With that admission then we need to treat terrorism outside of the war zones in Iraq, Syria and Yemen (not inclusive but you get the idea) as the problems that they are.

It resides in a certain community.  In the past we dealt with the Mob by going into Italian communities and dealing with the issue.  Same with the Militia/Sovereign Citizen, Jamaican Drug Dealers, Gangs of all stripes etc.  You don't go after grandma and grandpa.  You go after the demographic group in the community where you saw a problem arise.

You had to profile because it helped husband limited resources while protecting civil liberties.  We need to put aside political correctness and deal with the reality.  My prediction?  The West is gonna get hard because we won't get real about this threat.  Being a "diverse society" and a "nation of immigrants" shouldn't be a suicide pact.  Our leadership is turning it into one.

Does anyone remember the movie "The Siege"?

Unless we get ahead of this terror stuff then the cries of we are united will be replaced by cries of protect me and we'll see US troops in the streets of our major cities.

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