Sunday, July 03, 2016

Whatever happened to the Ultra Heavy Lift Amphibious Connector?

Remember the fanfare that surrounded the vehicle you see above, the Ultra Heavy Lift Amphibious Connector?  Amos was jerking us around because he was dragging his heels on the ACV, while trying to transform the Marine Corps into a seagoing 101st and DARPA was chest thumping because they believed they had solved the fictitious problem of launching from 100 miles out at sea (the CNO even told us that the Navy would roll back enemy defense so that we could launch from 3 miles was obvious that Amos had an agenda when that news came out).

But back on task.  I did a post on this subject (here) and while we saw a bevy of impressive concepts (here's a shock....I've settled on the LCU-F as being the least risky and most likely to succeed) we've heard nothing from HQMC about the project.

Is this another ghost project that isn't going anywhere?

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