Saturday, July 16, 2016

Members of the Turkish Armed Forces flee to Greece.

Thanks to Robert for the link!

A Black Hawk of the Turkish police that had been used by Turkish officials used in the attempted military coup landed at an airport at Alexandroupolis, northern Greece, according to reports by the Greek national broadcaster ERT.
Eight people were on the plane, of which seven wore uniforms and one was a civilian. The uniformed passengers had stripped identification from their uniforms so that their rank and units could not be identified.
The helicopter asked to land at the airport, citing mechanical failure. Two Greek F16 fighter jets had accompanied the plane from the island of Lemnos after it entered Greek air space.
Once at the airport, 4-5 Greek police cars surrounded the helicopter and arrested the passengers, who asked for political asylum. The matter caused a huge “headache” to the Greek government and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is in communication with all ministries to discuss the handling of the issue.
Hmm.  What to do.  Grant asylum to the people that attempted to unseat an enemy or seek a new "start" by returning them?

Quite honestly returning them is the easiest solution.  They might not gain a thing but they immediately get rid of an irritant.  Keeping them would be a new rally point for Turkish rage.

This bears watching.

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