Saturday, July 16, 2016

What ranks organized the coup? According to pro-govt forces Turkish Army Division Commanders.


You would think that if you rose to the position of commanding a Division that you'd know to facts of life in planning a coup.  First fact?  Civilians must die.  The reaction by the military to protesters sealed their fate.  Massive firepower should have been laid down to keep people inside.  Second?  YOU MUST KILL THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE!

This was poorly planned and now they're gonna reap the rewards of that failure.  Too bad.  This was Turkey's last chance to remain a 1st world nation.

Turkey was once a promising nation.  They appear to have chosen to go the way of other Islamic states and their will be a price for that choice.  I hope the Turkish people understand what they've done.  The progress from the 80's has been undone in one decade.  They're on a downward spiral for sure.

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