Thursday, July 21, 2016

Political Talk. Ted Cruz killed his political ambition and squashed the "stop Trump movement".

Did you catch the Ted Cruz speech last night?

During the first part of it I was proud that I voted for the guy.  He hit all the right notes and I was beyond impressed.  All I could think is that this is what our Presidential candidate should look like.

Then he turned so hard it almost snapped my neck.

Long short is that Cruz did two things last night.  First he killed any chance at winning in 2020 (assuming Trump doesn't win).  All his bragging about his Christian values and the guy isn't able to be a better man and move on from a rough and tumble campaign?  Its been reported that the Trump campaign asked for his endorsement and he just wouldn't do it.  This leads me to the second point.  Trump should be leading the polls.  One of the reasons he isn't?  The stop Trump movement (they have a home on MSNBC...they're being used by the Democrats and they know it but just don't care).

For reasons unknown to me, the elite of the Republican party are doing their level best to sabotage the Trump effort.  The speech by Cruz shows how petty those people are.  This critique extends to many prominent Republicans too.  Jeb Bush?  You're fucking done son.  Bush Jr?  Ditto.  Jeff Flake from Arizona and your buddy McCain?  How about Graham?

What we saw is the dying breath of the Neo-Con movement in Republican politics.  Unfortunately they have one last horse to ride...Hillary.  The last redoubt of the Neo-Con movement is the establishment Democrats!  We definitely live in interesting times.

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