Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Weapons System Unveiled at Fort Benning (vid) and a rant about US Army expeditionary dreams....

Tank and AFV News Blog gets a massive hat tip for finding this vid.  

I didn't post about it but Bryan sent me a link to a US Army article where a writer (field grade) talked about the history of their expeditionary warfare roots and called for a return to it.

Taken in isolation that would be a bit interesting but not earth shattering.  But we can't take it in isolation.  We've heard pronouncements from McMaster and the Army Chief of Staff stating the same thing.

Then we see the above vid.

I know you're tired of hearing it, but the US Army is about to drink our milkshake.  They're about to get balls deep into expeditionary warfare and they're looking to encroach on our mission sets.

The real battle has been engaged and it is the budget!  The Army is pushing the idea of Russia being a mortal threat and is pushing to go back to cold war manning levels in Europe.  A Marine General was just appointed head of AFRICOM, but that is a major league Army and SOCOM playground.

The Marine Corps must get its act together, shake off the lethargy and start engaging.  We no longer tell our story, we have stopped emphasizing the ideals of the Marine Corps and the public is no longer seeing us as the champions of the nation.  Now is a time where the saying that "The Marine Corps is most ready when the nation is least" would sing to much of the anxiety in the nation!  Dump the silly, new age commercial and go hard core again.  Get back to doing the Marine Corps thing and our status in the budget wars will be secure.

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