Friday, July 22, 2016

Terrex 2 for the ACV Program is looking good! Pics via Tim Fish Twitter Page!

Massive thanks to my buddy Mike Yeo over at The Base Leg for sending me the tip on Tim's pics!

If you don't follow Mike and Tim then you're missing out.  They do real good work.  Tim placed the caption below on the pics...
Terrex 2 for @USMC ACV1.1 prog - note the propellers on the back, much larger than Terrex 1 and the V-on-V hull #STK
Ya know what?  He's right!  STK and SAIC are really aiming to nail that swim requirement and are pushing hard to win the ACV 1.2 before its even begun.

This program has dragged on for years, but maybe just maybe they have it on a solid footing.  Maybe Mullen was right (and I'm paraphrasing) when he said chill the fuck out...I got this! 

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