Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Terrorist attack Syrian Army Tank ...

Thanks to Pete for the link!

Story here.

Hey all.  It goes against US policy but I'm officially cheering for Assad and the Russians in the fight against the "Free Syrian Army".

I have never trusted those clowns, and now I despise them.  They're all terrorists and there is no such thing as a "moderate" among them.  The fiction that our govt is selling is too hard a pill to swallow.

What is the actual aim?  I'm not sure but I do find it interesting that the Obama admin is basically following the Neo-Con playbook in the Middle East.

Assad can be contained.  Saddam was contained.  Qaddafi was even trying to cooperate with the West.  If you understand why we're so anxious to topple/have toppled these govt then do me a favor and get me up to speed.

Where I'm sitting it lunacy.  But back on task.  How can a grenade cause that much damage?  He tossed it down the barrel of the gun?  This doesn't seem right.  What am I missing?

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