Monday, July 11, 2016

The elite got a glimpse of the future and they're scared.

We've had a stunning week and a half.

1.  We saw a meeting between the Attorney General and the former President.  The optics were horrible.  The former President's wife WAS under investigation.

2.  An editorial appeared in a major paper (a day or two after the meeting) stating that the Attorney General could be retained in a Clinton administration if/when she wins office.

3. We saw the questioning of the Democrat Party Presidential Nominee by FBI Agents.  This testimony was not under oath, and happened over the weekend of a major US holiday.

4.  The FBI Director made a major press conference laying out why Hillary should be charged and then laid out reasons why she wouldn't (he did this poorly).

5.  We saw the video of police in Baton Rouge knock a man to the ground who supposedly had a gun.  Once he was on the ground they both mounted him and one pulled his pistol and shot him several times.

6.  We saw another video of police shooting a concealed carry holder in Minneapolis.  The vid went viral and the officer involved is shown freaking the fuck out.

7.  We saw widespread demonstrations that seemingly came out of nowhere.  A police buddy told me they were coming but before I saw it with my own eyes I didn't believe it.  I was wrong.  I stand by my contention that BLM is NOT a terrorist organization but is being used by the Democrat party to amp up the black vote ahead of the falls elections.  The organizing of protests in several different cities points to someone behind the scenes manipulating things.

8.  Then the horrific attack in Dallas.  Not much more can be said except that the Dallas PD got its ass handed to them by a person that was at BEST moderately skilled (and I'm being generous in that description).

My theory?

The elite from both parties got a chance to see a bit of our future and they're scared shit-less.  The thought that they would be able to manage tensions.  They were wrong.  I fully did Mech 61 say it?  Another Dylan Roof to go into a black church in retaliation?  Yeah I can see it.  I can also see that all those black preachers are no longer being listened to and the "turn the other cheek" thing has gone the way of the Dodo bird.

That doesn't even take into account EXTERNAL terrorist threats that we continue to face and what most economic experts believe will be a major recession late this year or early next.

Don't let me forget the Republicans in all this.  Drudge Report has stirred the flames as have people like James Yeager.  They have called BLM a terrorist group when all they're doing is carrying signs and protesting.  Additionally if you go to right wing websites (that are sounding more and more like Storm Front in the comments) then you actually hear people calling for a race war.

America is screwed and between poor race relations, economic turmoil, external terrorism and other factors that I don't have time to touch on something has got to give.

What you'll see is the President try and walk a fine line to dial back tensions.  You'll see the elite of both parties try and help in that effort.

They seriously miscalculated and now the bill is coming due. SHTF Plan Blog has a much better write up on this that's definitely worth a read.  Check it out here (make sure to read ALL the brings out hatred in me I didn't know I had).

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