Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Police MUST up there game! Tribal knowledge is now mainstream (graphic vid)

I'm sorry but the reality is this.

If you're a cop and you're not training at least as hard as I am and it show, then you're not worthy of my respect.  Additionally the issue is scary.  What was once only practiced by a relative few is now going mainstream.

Cops have to up their game.

The thing that made me cringe in this video?  The cop was yelling for help.  No one came.  We heard people off camera yelling for the guy to stop but no one went to assist.  At the end of the day, its up to every citizens AND every officer to be responsible for his or her's own safety!

This vid by the GracieBreakdown should be shown at every Police Academy.

Side note:  I need to work on my flexibility...AND I need to study that defense.  I learned to tuck chin (because 90 percent of the time it won't be an LVNR it'll be a choke), grab arm and roll to the ground in essence breaking it.  Maybe this is a better way

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