Friday, July 15, 2016

This is the terror attack that killed the EU.

Economics put the EU on the brink.  Poor countries felt the burden of the EU economic system coupled with globalism in ways that the rich countries in the Union didn't.

Open borders for the flow of people across borders led to tensions among EU citizens, but illegal immigration from the Middle East and Africa has pushed it over the edge.

Terrorism and sexual assaults will be the nail that kills the EU.

I thought that Europe would burn this summer.  I was right but didn't state it strongly enough.  Europe is about to return to nationalism in a big way.

It was a nice dream but it couldn't survive the modern age.  Call it too much too fast driven by the visions of dreamers, not realists.

Side note:  I'm still waiting for the inevitable.  Sooner or later people will start to ignore the advice of politicians.  Sooner or later the refrain of "just live your lives....if you change your behavior then the terrorists win" will fall on deaf ears.  One or two more of these types of attacks and large gatherings will be a thing of the past.  Terrorism could quite literally freeze the US and European economy.

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