Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This is your new Marine Corps. "Pokemon Go" UPDATED

Words escape me.  Steely eyed killers no more.

UPDATED for the slow learners.... this isn't about what kids watch. its about how HQMC is choosing to represent/present the United States Marine Corps to our nation, our allies and our enemies. I contend that Pokemon Go is not the right image.  Do you believe that ISIS fighters are laughing or hesitant after seeing that?  Do you doubt that Russian or Chinese Marines are giggling like school girls after seeing that image on the official USMC Twitter Page?  In the grand scheme of things this is little but it gives you insight into thinking at Quantico.  They're into the latest fad rather than maintaining a carefully crafted image paid for in blood.  Excuse it if you like, but I find the whole thing to be rather sad.

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