Sunday, July 17, 2016

What has dulled the survival instinct of modern man?

We're still talking about the failed coup attempt in Turkey and one subject has come up.  Why did they simply surrender to the mob?  We don't live in that society and we know how that would turn out.  Hell we've seen "mob" justice in the US and its not pretty here either.

So while many are giving these conscript soldiers the benefit of the doubt, I have to wonder.  What has dulled the survival instinct of modern man?

I stated that once they were put into a terrible situation by their Commanders it was up to them to survive.

Shooting into the crowd sound distasteful?  To break contact and escape and evade?  You bet your ass!  Strip off uniform and run around in your briefs....blend in with the crowd and then make it home and act like nothing happened?  Maybe, but I'd recommend you lay low, turn into a petty criminal hope to be forgotten about.

Regardless of your choice you still stand a better chance than turning yourself over to a mob.

The bigger point is important though.  I'm seeing people drawn to large gatherings like moths to a flame.  In this day and age people still haven't globed onto the idea that crowds are danger.  We still see people crossing fast moving water in small vehicles.  Individuals that need to be told to take care of their health the list goes on.

Why have basic survival instincts become so uncommon in modern man.

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