Friday, August 05, 2016

Army Armored Vehicles Conducts Tactical Water Crossing (vid)...

Halfway thru this video I was screaming at the monitor saying "YOU'RE FUCKING HALF ASSING IT ARMY!".

Then at the very end I saw the VIP tent and realized that its another dog and pony.  Still this is depressing.  River crossings are complex military operations and you don't see maneuver forces...especially mechanized forces doing the work.

I disagree that Russia is a threat.  Maybe not a friend but definitely not a threat.  If those in power believe that they are then stuff like this needs to be getting attention.  "Thunder Runs" around Europe isn't doing work.  Its showing the flag.  If you're actually talking about defending then your Combat Engineers need to get up to speed on creating obstacles/choke points, Maneuver Forces need to practice defense in depth (to include natural barriers/choke points)...If Russia is the threat claimed then we need to see a totally different approach from our forces on the include our allies.

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