Friday, August 05, 2016

Question for gun guys. What is your carry ammo?

Quick question for the gun guys.

What is your carry ammo and what grain do you like?  Everyone is biting hard on 115 grain these days (single stack 9's have seen to that) and 147 seems to be out of style....a few stick to the 124 as a good compromise and then you see manufacturers like Hornady coming out with 135 now.

The reason why I ask is because I'm currently rocking Critical Defense 115 grain and while its soft shooting out of my Glock 26...while I like to prioritize shot placement....I'm really wondering if its expansion is enough to put down a drugged up dude with decent size.

I know I'm contradicting myself but while shot placement is king, shock/blood loss has a place too.

Should I reconsider and move back to 147 grain?  What is the best on the market in that size that's available to civilians?

Side note:  I am not interested in the hybrid bullets that are hitting the market today that promise dramatic penetration.  Over penetration is as big an issue as anything.  Shooting thru the assaulter, thru barriers and then hitting grandma minding her own business is NOT my idea of a good day. So no offense to Ruger Polycase or Lehigh Extreme I'm just not interested.

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