Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Below The Turret Ring Blog has a must read on Land 400.

via BTTR.
The Patria AMV 35 CRVshould be considered a cheap, but less capable option compared to the Boxer. The Boxer CRV is the "we put everything possible in the vehicle" solution, while the AMV 35 CRV seems to be based on a more reasonable cost-to-benefit ratio. However, aside of lower armor and lack of advanced features, there are a few more aspects about the proposal from Patria and BAE that are not so ideal. Not offering the latest configuration of the AMVXP, but an older chassis with only 30 metric tons of payload (still three more than the original 8x8 AMV could handle) is sub-optimal for a vehicle meant to stay in service for several decades to come. The commander's indepent optronics are integrated into the cupola, making hunter-killer options possible, but more cumbersome than utilizing a proper panoramic sight like the Boxer CRV or the Sentinel II.
This is a very nice overview of the selection process.  What still irks is that I still haven't gotten a proper explanation of why the Terrex 3/Sentinel II didn't make the down select.

I stand by my contention that it was the best vehicle in the competition and had the most growth potential...anyone check out the article.

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