Monday, August 22, 2016

Political Rant. Donald Trump made the black vote relevant.

This is a rant and it isn't for everyone so if you skip it no problem.

Still here?  Then back on task.  Donald Trump, supposedly the most racist Presidential candidate in 30 years has made the black vote relevant.  Even better?  The Democrats are scared shitless!

Follow my thinking here.  For the last 30 years the Democrats have taken the black vote for granted and the Republicans have (it could be said rightfully) ignored it.  Why fight for a demographic that is so aligned with the opposition that they vote in the high 80 percent or higher election after election?  Bush Jr for all his failings made a strong push for the black vote but the machinery came out to try and short circuit his efforts.

But now.  In one week and four speeches Trump has made it relevant.  What is going on here?  I've said for quite awhile that the black community is not pleased with the President.  I've said that support for Hillary might be wide but not deep.  Now we have one week of DECENT (not spectacular) campaigning by Trump and the Dems are going nuts.

We are living in bizarro world.  Black leadership is pushing policy that hurts poor blacks, White racists(!) are pushing policies that will help, and the guy that they say is the most divisive candidate ever is trying to win our vote.

Is it just a campaign tactic?  Maybe.  Is it calculated to make the Dems work to keep their base intact while Trump is doing the same with the Republican elite?  Probably...many people think so.

But the fact remains.  For the first time in my memory, the black vote will be fought for.  Simply amazing.

NOTE:  For the doubters that will inevitably come to my blog, I simply ask this.  When was the last time you remember both parties actively fighting for the black vote?  When was the last time the Democrats DID NOT automatically assume that they would get upwards of 80 percent of that vote? Tump is an egomaniac but if this one thing sticks then he's done at least a portion of the public a big favor.

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