Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Armata Universal Combat Platform to receive slat armor package.

via RBTH.com
The wheels and tracks of the latest armored vehicles constructed on Russia’s Armata Universal Combat Platform, which includes a new tank, will be equipped with additional protective armor. The Russian Research Institute (NII) is developing the new hardware for the platform.

According to the developers, "plate shields," which are similar in appearance to the bars on metal bunk beds, will be installed along the perimeter of the machines. These shields will protect armored vehicles from cumulative grenades and anti-tank guided missiles — the most common threat to them in urban settings. The new shields are intended to deform the head of a grenade when it makes contact with the vehicle and divert part of the energy from the explosion.
This story was slightly confusing.  When the Armata Tank was rolled out it had slat armor around the engine compartment in the usual Western fashion.  My guess is that they're talking about the IFV/APC version (as well as the recovery and engineer models).  This part of the article makes it seem like the designers aren't too happy about the idea though.
Designers are skeptical of the plan, however, pointing out that the shields, or screens, are inferior to dynamic armor in combat performance.
"They are cheaper and technically simpler and increase engine protection and transmission by several times in the conditions of urban warfare,” said Dmitry Safonov, military correspondent for Izvestia, speaking about the shields. “A key drawback is their low versatility. The lattice screen will save the technology only from certain types of hand-held anti-tank grenades.”
I don't see how it could hurt so is the real issue weight?  The IFV/APC are members of a class of two (Namer being the other) heavyweight vehicles.  If Main Battle Tank armor can't stand up to the intended use then they're facing doctrine issues.

Something as minor as adding slat armor suddenly bears watching.

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