Friday, August 19, 2016

UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor 2 ....Who you got?

Did you check out the above vid?  Did you see the press conference?  These dudes REALLY don't like each other.

Who you got in the fight tomorrow?

All I know is this.  McGregor is the kind of guy that will kick your ass, piss on you and take pics to put on the internet.  Diaz is the kind of guy that will kick your ass, heel smash your throat and then call his buddies to hide your body while you die in a shallow grave.

They're both gun worthy.  If they have you in their sights you don't do any hand to hand nonsense, you go straight to guns....hope you have a good sight picture and you're hitting true...and if you miss that you either have a spare mag ready to go or your cardio is on point.

Personally I think it will be Diaz in the 3rd.  It will be bloody.  It will be epic.  It will be one for the ages....and sometime in 2017 (late) we'll be doing this all over again.

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