Saturday, September 03, 2016

ATF declares gunpowder an explosive

Thanks to Mook and another person I will not identify for reminding me of this!

What have been the hottest issues this past week for the gun community?  The ATF declaring gunpowder an explosive.

Why haven't I talked about it?

Because I'm conflicted!

Remember all the videos like the one above where people have been blowing up barns, vehicles etc...with Tannerite?  Well imagine if the idiot in Tampa had decided to incorporate that into his plans?  How about the shooters in Dallas and Baton Rouge?

I'm not even close to being one of those mad scientists that you find in the gun community and I could do some serious damage with the stuff as is.  What happens if one of those good ole' boys decides to "enhance" the shit?

Oh and if you can do that with Tannerite then you can just as big a bang or bigger with gunpowder.  See that 8lb jug of gunpowder?

You can buy that stuff off Natchez Shooter Supply over the internet without background check or documentation.  Don't want to leave even that trace?  Head to your local Cabelas or Academy Sporting Goods and you can pay cash.

The real issue is that no one trusts the government, especially the ATF/Obama Administration and you're getting a visceral reaction.  Do I trust them?  No.  No I don't.  Do I see the dangers of this being sold without being able to track the sales?  Yeah I kinda do.

Do I blame the ATF?  I'm not sure.  Do I blame the gun community?  Yeah a bit.  We're our own worse enemy.  I said long ago that those Tannerite vids would get unwanted attention and this seems bear that out.

Either way the reloaders are on a buying spree.  That jug of gunpowder?  Demand is so high that you can only buy one a day.  Of course that means in 10 days you could accumulate 80lbs of material that can be converted to an explosive.

I know what you're thinking.  You can do the same with diesel fuel and if you stayed awake during your classes on improvised materials then you could mix household compounds that could clear a building and make people sick as dogs.  So why go after gunpowder?  I think because its so easy...and because its a political target.

So long story short?

After all that I'm still conflicted.  I know this is part of the anti-gun agenda but I also know that it can be justified.

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