Saturday, September 03, 2016

The President of Venezuela is chased thru the tiny step away from anarchy!

Thanks to William for the link!

via NY Times.
President Nicolás Maduro was chased at a routine political event by a crowd of angry protesters banging on pots and yelling that they were hungry, just days after thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets to call for his ouster, local news media reported on Saturday.
Scenes from the confrontation late Friday, which also appeared in videos uploaded to social media, captured the attention of Venezuelans, many of whom blame the unpopular president for the country’s food shortages.

In one video, Mr. Maduro tries to calm the pot-bangers by walking among them, only to be surrounded as the furious crowd yells obscenities.
“What is this?” an astounded voice behind the camera asks in one of the video clips.
Mr. Maduro had traveled from the capital, Caracas, to Margarita Island off Venezuela’s northern coast to inaugurate a number of new public housing units and give a televised address.
During the speech, he denounced his opponents’ calls for his removal from office, calling them “vampires” and saying they were preparing for violence.
Foro Penal, a Venezuelan human rights group, said 20 people had been arrested after the protest in the island town of Villa Rosa. Mr. Maduro’s office made no statement about the episode.
The action desk at Southern Command should be having a terrible weekend.  This is the kind of stuff that is off the radar (I'm still amazed that the major news networks are barely covering this...this isn't front page news in the Times and is found in the "Americas" section) but will have major regional implications.

The other thing is this.  Want to see anarchy?  Let things reach a point where people aren't in the "I want to have this because its cool so I'll steal it" and move on to the "I'm fucking hungry (real hungry, not false food cravings Americans have) and I'm gonna get food for my family" phase.

This is when neighbor starts killing neighbor and people start roaming into gated communities and govt warehouses.

Trust me folks.  This thing could pop.

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