Saturday, September 10, 2016

BAE @ NGAUS 2016.

I didn't even know this event was going on but BAE has a presence at NGAUS 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Some of the vehicles that will be shown?  How about the BVS10 Beowulf and the M109A7.

Should be interesting.  Anyone up that way?

BVS10 Beowulf arriving at NGAUS.  I wonder why BAE isn't pushing to sell these vehicles to civilian law enforcement and fire depts?  They would be perfect in flood prone areas and great for mobility after tornadoes, hurricanes etc...when debris prevents other vehicles from getting to victims.  Paint it fire red, orange, or any color but black, green or camo and sell it as an all terrain rescue vehicle.  Really seems like a no brainer.

M109A7 in Alaska.  I really need to see what improvements were made to this vehicle.  On a sidenote I wonder why they haven't trialed the long barrel they're talking about for the M777 for extended range.

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