Saturday, September 10, 2016

Active Protection System talk is going mainstream.

via Yahoo Finance UK.
But finding an APS for the US Army and Marine Corps' global ground force is fraught with difficulties. Even if the US were to buy and deploy Israel's tested Trophy system, there are many additional considerations to be made.
The Marines, for instance, need an APS that can be deployed on boats and resist salt-water corrosion. The systems, with their advanced sensors needed to detect and destroy incoming threats in the blinding speed of real-time conflict, may interfere with each other or malfunction.
Because the systems need to operate in milliseconds, no human can deploy them. Therefore they need to be automated, and collateral damage is a real risk. APS uses a hail of shrapnel to thwart incoming rockets, filling the area outside the tank with explosions and flying debris that could potentially harm friendly troops.
Because of the US's high standards of protecting lives and property, public and private, they must come up with a satisfactory solution to these issues.
Meanwhile Russia claims to have developed the T-14 Armata, a truly next-generation tank fitted with a bigger gun, better armor, and APS all around.

While there is reason to doubt the overall capabilities of the T-14, antitank weapons systems are proven to be effective and in the hands of militias around the world.
For the US to retain its asymmetrical advantage in ground warfare, as it has done for decades, the issue of protecting armored vehicles must be addressed.
Has anyone noticed that defense issues are increasingly showing up in business publications?  That military industrial complex is working overtime to suck the taxpayer dry!

But on this one they do have a point.  US Ground Forces need to settle on a common APS that can work across spectrums.  From a maritime, to desert, to jungle and even in the arctic.  I'm not talking about a silver bullet solution, just something that works that both the Army and Marine Corps can buy.

One thing is certain.  When a defense issue goes mainstream then you know you have a problem. 

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